"Mister Spotlight"
"The Potion is in his locomotion."...(What does this mean?!?---one might ask....I HAVE NO IDEA....But it sounds sweet...)
Height: 62            Weight: 205 lbs.

Pro Debut:  2/99 in Schenectady, NY. 
pinned by Hoss.

From: Las Vegas, Nevada DOB: 8/13/81
Danger, Tom Brandi, Shockwave, Kenny Casanova, Diablo Santiago, Dylan Cage, Chris Candido, Juventud Guerrera


1999 ranked in at 492
2001 ranked in at 4

Jeff Starr's good looks and charisma have brought him a long way in wrestling, but it is not the only thing that has made him so successful. A combination of Jeff's great mat-skills, high flying offence and his sense of humor are what has made him the popular indy star that he is today. Working mostly in the Northeast region with promotional relationships in Texas, California and Florida, Jeff Starr entertains wrestling fans  and keeps them on the edge of their seats.

"Mister Spotlight" Jeff Starr is perhaps one of the most naturally gifted athletes on the North East Independent scene. Making a strong impact in his initial workplace---World of Hurt Wrestling, back in 1999, he is still very young and has much to achieve. However, many already look up to this youngster as being a leader in the lockerroom and one who will always put on a great match.

 Debuting as a tremendous fan favorite, Jeff always had the guys in the audience on the edge of their seats and their girlfriends' later in his backseat... But in a very short time, this competitor had captured the WOHW Cruiserweight title, half the Tag Titles and even the WOHW Heavyweight Championship. Calling himself "...The man who spears Britney Spears between the ears..." was the attitude that Kenny Casanova took to and a relationship that has lasted since 2000.

After a three-year-long successful relationship as a member of Camp Casanova, Kenny Casanova and Jeff Starr split up. In September 2002, Kenny Casanova turned on "Mister Spotlight" in a six-man tag match. Starr, teaming with JP Black and Hoss had no idea that Kenny Casanova would switch sides mid-match and reform an old alliance with "The Hardcore Society" Danger, HC Loc & Johnny Kain.

Has wrestled on a WWE Jakked  television taping against Haku and also had a Velocity appearance against Jaime Noble. He has also competed in several dark matches with the likes of Johnny Stamboli and Rennee Dupree in the WWE.

Later in WOHW, the tables would turn once again. This time, Kenny Casanova would leave Damage Inc, a new rendition of The Hardcore Society, now comprised of Danger, Nick Neighborhood and CHuck Deep. SOon after Kenny left and turned fan-favorite, Jeff Starr joined up with Damage Inc turning rule breaker.

Jeff Starr now hosts an interview segment on some select shows called "The Open Bar with Jeff Starr." 
In closing, Jeff Starr wanted us to tell you that he whole-heartedly promises to all of his fans that  "...whether I headline the card, or just get lost in the mix...I'm always the one who leaves with the chicks."

TITLES HELD:  UWA, WOHW & TSW Heavyweight... WOHW, WOHW: Fusion, WWA, TSW, NMW Tag Team... WWA, TSW, WOHW Heavyweight & United States Championship... WOHW Cruiserweight... MWA North American Championship 


OTHER MANAGERS: (besides Kenny Casanova)
Fierra Fox, Pat Piper, Libby