Pie Mafia and Monkey Mulligan

Mil Mascaras had a million masks – Kenny Casanova had a million costumes.

Kenny Casanova traveled with a lot of wrestlers and was notorious for carrying too much stuff. He always had a few gear bags, as he almost always changed clothing between matches. Also adding to a cramped ride, since Kenny was used to manage multiple wrestlers often on one show, that meant a lot of stuff. The funny thing is, Kenny also brought clothes for other people. Two gimmicks that Kenny often lugged with him to shows were Monkey Mulligan and The Pie Mafia.

Monkey Mulligan Monkey Mulligan 2Monkey Mulligan

…is just ridiculous. The gimmick is essentially a Hulk Hogan rip-off, but in a full, fury Gorilla costume. The role was played by Shockwave The Robot, Jeff Starr, TImmy Aiight, Chip Stetson, Shae Whitey and anyone Kenny could convince to put on the costume. Usually, this gimmick was used in battle royals for comic relief, or Royal RUmble like attractions.


pie mafiaPIEThe Pie Mafia

Pie Mafia gear was even worse to drive with in a car for three hours, though everyone loved doing it when Kenny asked for recruits. The Pie Mafia gear bag is a huge green suitcase containing eight matching black trench coats, with fedora hats, sun glasses, and a violin case holding a pie tin and a spray can of whipped cream. This gimmick, as silly as it was, was as real as wrestling gets.

The way it worked is Kenny would conspire with the promoter to figure out who would probably have the worst match on the card. During the match and unbeknownst to the victim, Kenny would ensemble his group and have them gear up in the locker room. Once the Pie Mafia was storm the ring to the old Spy Hunter theme “Peter Gun.” The trench coated wrestlers would storm the ring from all sides and grab the victim and hold him still.

From there Kenny Casanova in a white hat as his alter ego, Al Amode, would signal for one of his cronies to hold up the violin case to right of the victim. He would kiss the unsuspecting wrestler on both cheeks and often whisper, “you better sell this.” THen he would make a cream pie, bounce off the ropes and nail the victim right in the face. After the crime was committed, The Pie Mafia would run as fast as they could out of the ring.