Old School Revolution

…featuring Brodie Lee, future WWE Intercontinental Champion, Luke Harper

Around 2005, Kenny Casanova left the very serious Damage Inc (Danger & Johnny Kain) to concentrate on building up new-comer Brodie Lee (aka future WWE Intercontinental Champion, Luke Harper) in an old school rap-like gimmick. Kenny Casanova dropped his typical lounge gimmick tuxedo look to form the Old School Revolution with his valet Shana. Rather than singing his wrestler to the ring as he often did, Kenny rapped for the wrestler entrance. Kenny also boasted that Brodie Lee had the largest neck in the business and subsequently called him “Super Throat Load.”

In addition to managing Brodie’s singles matches, Kenny also became the manager for two women wrestlers. Kenny surprised everyone and signed long time foe Miss Deville and also “Tennis Pro” Barbie.