Kendra Casanova

Kenny as Kendra Casanova

Kenny as Kendra Casanova


Kenny Casanova, the International Karaoke Champion of the World, is a former NBW & former ESW Ladies Champion and an Intergender tag team champion (w/ Marty Vain). Kenny has always played the role of the coward that fights women. However, in the saga of winning Ladies’ Championships, never afraid to mix things up, Kenny, or should we say, KENDRA CASANOVA, once became the WOHW Ladies Champion.

On May 8th, 2004, at The first ever Wheel Of Misfortune Match Up, Miss Deville, the then WOHW Ladies Champion, spun a K.M.A. (Kiss My A$$ Match.) Now coming from Marty The Party, current WOHW General Manager, you would think this was bad enough. However, The Master of The Frat Pack had yet another trick up his sleeve. Deville, still getting over the thought of having to wrestle in such a demeaning gimmick-match, soon found out that her opponent was none-other-than The Princess Of Passion, Kendra Casanova, “sister of Kenny.”

It was soon obvious to the crowd that Kenny Casanova in drag was just too much for the first ever WOHW Ladies Champion. “Kendra,” looking as dashing as ever in a green silk prom dress, took Deville by surprise with some chain wrestling and a number of submissions that almost had the girl in black crying for her mommy.

Finding himself comfortable in women’s clothing, he seemed to be holding his own for a change against the tough broad Deville. This elevated level of self-confidence is just what The Princess of Passion needed as he was able to apply a figure four leg lock, a sharpshooter and a devastating STF (Spinning Toe-hold Face Lock Submission) that really did some damage.

Despite some rib-shattering clotheslines that knocked Kenny out of his wig and a couple of roundhouse right hands and a drop kick, Kendra finished off Miss Deville with a Sit-Down Lounge Powerbomb pinning combination for the one, two three. And never to let the fans down, that is when “Kendra” finished the match in true K.M.A. style.

As Deville tried to head for higher ground, General Manager Marty The Party Vain stepped in and forced the former champ to fulfill her contractual obligations to Kendra. The flash. The kiss. Miss Deville has never been the same since. Reporters say that she is probably still puking from the finish and has reportedly, as of late, been spending a whole lot of dough on mouthwash.

After the bout, new-comer to WOHW Kayla Sparks stuck her nose in where it didn’t belong. She ran in during the post match celebration and delivered to Kendra a feminine low-blow and followed it up with a pump-handle neck-breaker.

“That little snot nose brat!” Casanova said after the match. “I am meeting with the WOHW Title Committee to lobby for her to get the first title match with me. Then she will learn who the REAL woman is in WOHW.”