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Oct 4, 2012 - Join Passing The Torch Radio as we welcome the very diverse, flashy and flamboyant "Prince Of Passion" Kenny Casanova to the show!!!

Topics Included: From his early days of training, to working up and down the highways of the Indy Wrestling Scene.  ...Ring Announcing for the WWF ...Training some of the brightest stars we watch today, as well as managing some of the biggest stars of wrestling's past, being an actor as well as a DJ  ...Hypes up the upcoming WOH Wrestling Show on Oct.19th.....

Kenny Casanova interview starts at 10 Minutes in... (Ignore the scratchy upload sound at the start... It goes away at the ten minute mark:)


SHOOT INTERVIEW - Almost an hour long when the second guest no-showed, the Prince of Passion gives us his extended ring history, his ring philosophy and words of wisdom to the new guys coming up. Kenny actually drops the goofy persona like never before and goes behind the scenes to tell you some funny stories and how he came up with the character.

You can listen to Jimmy Falcon's Cloverleaf Radio interview archive of this splendid auditorial gem by clicking on the picture to the left.


East Providence, Rhode Island - On April 18Th 2010, the 5TH Annual New England Pro Wrestling Hall of Fame Induction ceremony held its second annual dinner banquet. The New England PWHOF  honored twenty international wrestling superstars and personalities for their impact on the professional wrestling in and around New England. Kenny Casanova was inducted for the class of 2010.

 Two Fan Festivals kicked off the event. On Saturday, a memorabilia and meet-and-greet autograph signing  took place to hype up the fans for the next day.  Vendor guests included Justin Credible, Brian Clarke (Adam Bomb), Rick Martel,  Antonio Thomas, Matt Bourne (Doink The Clown), and Barbie Menegan. Fans were also pleasantly surprised to see Mick Foley do an unannounced drop by run-in. On Sunday, the Fan Fest meet-and-great was extended. Highlights for fans included pictures and signings with "The Living Legend" Larry Zbysco, Danny Davis, Superfly Jimmy Snuka, Ox Baker, Melissa Coates, Lushious Latasha, Kenny Dykstra, and Japanese sensation Shockwave The Robot who was added special to the Sunday line up. There was also plenty of food for everyone, on the house. (Mmm... Delicious premium calzones! The Philly steak and cheese calzone was scrumptious!)

Come time for the actual Induction Ceremony itself, the seats were practically sold out with standing room only, with about 200 plus guests. The Class of 2010 New England Pro Wrestling Inductees included:

Superfly Jimmy Snuka (Inducted by Rich Palladino)
Larry Zbyszko (Inducted by Mike Messier)
Dangerous Danny Davis (Inducted by Mike Sparta)
Public Enemy (Inducted by Joel Davis)
Kenny Casanova (Inducted by Referee Todd Taylor)
'Pete Doherty (Inducted by Peter Riendeau)
Tony Ulysses (Inducted by Paul Richard)
Angelo, Mario and Tom Savoldi (Inducted by Brian Webster)
John Rambo (Inducted by Chuckie Manson & Cory Bush)
DC Drake (Inducted by ???)
Paul Richard (Inducted by Sheldon Goldberg)
DR. Heresy (Inducted by Billy King & Don Juan DeSanto)
Maverick Wild (Inducted by Ripp Morrison)
Mr. Biggs (Inducted by Dan Bidondi)
Sonny Goodspeed (Inducted by DJ Baron & Johnny Vegas)
Billy Black (Inducted by Kyle Storm)
Bull Montana (Inducted by Jason Rumble)

* John Cena Sr. received The 2010 Manager of The Year Award.
* Robbie Ellis received The 2010 Life Time achievement award
* Tim White received The 2010 "New England Icon" Award

Kenny Casanova was inducted by referee and long time friend, Hotbod Todd Taylor. Taylor roasted Kenny for being a big mark for the business. He cited several ridiculous quick antidotes including Kenny being kicked out of several WWF locker rooms for his shenanigans by Tony Garea and fellow inductee Referee Tim White, as well as scrambling to pick up "Golddust" Mylar chips from an arena floor.
Kenny walked up to what was a rather tame induction to a chant of, "SING! SING! SING!" and decided to turn it up a notch. "The Love Boat" television theme kicked in and Kenny gave the audience what they wanted. He lap danced and serenaded Jimmy "Superfly" Snuka and Lobsterman, then moved towards Larry Zbysco, who sold it hard and ran out the door! Kenny thanked the late Captain Lou Albano for giving him his first opportunity in the business and also thanked Superfly Snuka for singing inappropriate blues songs with him in several locker rooms before shows. Kenny also mentioned how as a baby, he had won a beauty contest where the Pennsylvanian town had dubbed him, "The Duke of Carlisle."  Kenny recalled asking his mother at his first live wrestling event if Pete Doherty, who was also known as "The Duke of Dorchester," perhaps had won a beauty contest, but then confided that, "after seeing Pete Doherty here today, ...I now know the answer."

Kenny Casanova finally thanked Mike Sparta for booking him on many occasions in New England with WWA wrestling, he thanked Maria and Buttery Bert, then thanked the New England Pro Wrestling Hall of Fame and Joe Bruen for the honor.

Recognizing all of New England and the entire east coast, Hall of Fame Commissioner Joe Bruen created the venue because he wanted to recognize North East professional wrestling talent in a public forum for the impact they have had in the area, over the years. "There hasn’t ever been proper recognition for local wrestlers and might have never been," said Bruen, who himself  is a former ring announcer, as well as manager, booker, and promoter.

Again, in his own public forum, Kenny Casanova thanks Joe Bruen for the call.

Here is Kenny's hairless Chinese Crested dog, Rudy. They only have hair on the head tail and feet.

R.I.P. CAPTAIN LOU ALBANO, the man who gave Kenny Casanova his start...

In 1988, Kenny Casanova, still a junior at Vestal High School, was approached by some herb in home-room, whose mother worked for the M.S. Foundation. The deal was that CAPTAIN LOU ALBANO was running a fund-raising wrestling show to benefit M.S. and that if her son found a few guys to sell tickets, they would get to have dinner with the wrestlers!!! 

Realizing that you have to start somewhere and that M.S. also was a great cause, The Prince of Passion jumped at the chance and actually had a hand in helping to promote his first show.

After the show had finished, just as promised, a wide-eyed Casanova was led into a banquet room, where he saw Rocky Johnson, Tony Atlas, Misty Blue, The Wild Samoans, Sgt. Slaughter, a young Samu & Fatu, and Col. DeBeers. He was then seated, next to a grateful CAPT LOU, and they feasted on chicken wings. 

After Casanova asked "The Capper" about managing, Lou ate the cartilage off of a bone and said, "...Son...It's tough...Just like promoting a show, by plugging it cheap as possible, (gulp) gotta promote your wrestlers and promote yourself...but most gotta win matches at all costs...and ride your wrestlers coat-tails to the top...Pass the Blue-Cheese..."

Kenny replied, "Uggggggggggggghhh...You eat the chicken-knuckle?!?!"

The founding father of The Rock N Wrestling Connection admitted,  "Of course!!! (swallow)...THAT'S THE BEST PART!"

I will never forget The Wrestling Album, one of my first tape cassettes. It came on what almost looked like a sleeve of a record. I listened to Captain Lou's "History of Music" probably a million times... I also loved his work with The WIld Samoans & George The Animal Steele in the ring...

"Good bye, Captain Lou. I have fond memories of you," - Kenny Casanova


Kenny also hosts and DJ's for an interactive wrestling fan-friendly karaoke-laden show features DJ music, dancing, karaoke, prize give-a-ways and more! Every Friday, stop by The Villa Valenti Pub of Troy, NY and learn why we were voted #1 by Capital Region Living Magazine!

Dance if you want... Sing if you dare... Every Friday and Saturday night, DJ Kenny Casanova plays all your favorite tunes and puts you in the mix! So as a live DJ you get Dancing... Karaoke... Contests... Name That Tune Trivia... Prizes... and more!

"It's not your average LAME karaoke show." Stop by and check it out!

The Karaoke Crocodile Show's official Site ->

Kenny Casanova's DJ web site  - >   


Dead Residence, a 2007 film nomination in The Ed Wood Film Festival, stars Kenny Casanova as Commander Bradshaw. It opened at The Madison Theater in Albany, NY on Sunday April 15, 2007.

IThis independent zombie flick by Twisted Light Productions was the second half of an indy Creature Double Feature along with Vampire Assassin, by Archangel Productions. 

Directed by Jared Balog, Kenny Casanova plays a character that is a far stretch from what he is normally associated with. Playing the leader of a special forces unit, Kenny Casanova heads out to explore a residential area just outside of Albany, NY to rid the world of the largest form of rodents in the supernatural world... Zombies.

Kenny as a Zombie Killer is loud, brash, demanding and very different than the karaoke mic-yielding "Prince Of Passion" that we have grown accustomed to. In this setting, Kenny Casanova trades in his red velvet tuxedo for a flack jacket and a machine gun. He sets out with three soldiers; two grizzled veterans and a rookie, to explore houses, kill zombies and take any extra riches as "a finder's fee" to make the trip worth while.

Kenny's character, Commander Bradshaw, has definitely seen "some things that will make your worse nightmare look like a fairytale." You can too.

Dead Residence, starring Kenny Casanova with a surprising cameo performance by Camp Casanova Member, Buttery Bert Williams, will be out soon on DVD. Stay tuned to this site for ordering information.



Pro Wrestlers managed or teamed with Kenny Casanova

Kenny Casanova and
Mean Gene Okerlund


Alex Payne
Bert Williams
Boris Naboka
Brodie Lee
Chip Stetson
Curtis Candy
Demolition Ax
Deville, (Miss!)
Diablo Santiago
HC Loc
Hotbod Todd
Jeff Starr

John Diamond
JP Black
Kayla Sparks
King Kaluha
Kendra Casanova
King Kong Bundy
Marty The Party
Metal Maniac
Mike Bell
Mike Hardy
Monkey Mulligan
Nick Richards
Nick Neighborhood
Nikolai Volkoff
Pat Tanaka
Purty Kurty
Rocco Rock
Sal Sincere
Scott Scarsdale
Shotgun Steve
Spanish Fly
Tim McNeany
Tom Brandi
Tony DeVito

These are wrestlers who were paired on many occasions with Kenny Casanova. There are hundreds more. If you see a name missing you think that should be added, please email us!

The Famous Kenny's Casanova Conspiracy Theory Internet Rib...


Back after Eddie Guerrero passed away, Kenny noticed that some wacky fans were treating the death like another Elvis, or Tupac situation. Therefore, to play a joke on the marks, below is a blog that Kenny wrote totally to confuse people. He spent a few hours researching and collecting dome arguments, and also added some fuel to the fire himself. Then, he released a blog that was all over the messageboards... all to increase web traffic to this site. It worked.

For a period of time, this article became a huge conspiracy theory that changed people's minds, angered some, and made many believe that Eddie's death was a staged storyline by Vince McMahon and The WWF. Right after this blog's release, had so many hits, the server crashed!

Here it is!

By Kenny Casanova from ( - 02-24-06

Ok… Now some people will want to beat me for saying this, but I find myself asking a question that isn’t appropriate in any light. However, it feels like WWE is booking something that doesn’t seem possible and I have found myself asking myself a silly question whenever I turn on WWE. …Is Eddie Guerrero still alive?

My feeling is other people have suspected this, but no one has the pistachios to come out and say it. So here I go; Eddie Guerrero’s death could all be a big super smart angle for a return at Wrestlemania.

My brother-in-law is not a wrestling fan, but comes over to eat wings when we get PPVs. He saw some of what was going on with Rey Mysterio and wanted to know if Eddie was still alive. Whether fans want to say it or not, recent WWE storylines are making it seem like Eddie Guerrero’s death HAS BEEN BOOKED BY A PROMOTER.

Why would Vince McMahon want to go there? Why would a global megalithic corporation like WWE want to fake the death of one of its superstar performers, risking the possible backlash that would occur from worldwide media and its fans? SIMPLE… WWE figured out this formula a long time ago…Bad publicity is good publicity.

In a day when it is impossible to fool the fans due to the widely used lighting quick communication resource called the Internet, the WWE knows that “strategic leaks” are the only way you can really throw off the modern wrestling fan and subsequently create interest. Recent examples of this have shown that there is money to be made from false leaks if it is done correctly.

The Edge & Hardy scandal was amplified, exploited and leaked, then turned into a moneymaker (though it was too bad Matt Hardy botched his return promo)… Chris Jericho puts up a TNA logo on his site to keep interest on him. Go back a few years and you will see other examples. Brian Pillman convinced WCW to break his contract so his crazy gimmick looked legit to anyone who might do the research (only to jump to WWF.) Vince Russo drops false rumors on the Internet to throw fans off to create more shock when storylines go the other way. Austin amplifies his hatred toward Eric Bischoff in an ECW stint to get sympathy from the crowd and to push the envelope of boss-hating.

Good wrestling promoters have a history of twisting the truth to make the most believable storylines going (i.e. Road Warrior Hawk drunk angle, Bret got screwed angle, N.W.O. and other various invasion plots etc…) The promoters even work the wrestlers to get the leaks that they want these days and visa-versa.

There is so much foreshadowing going on that makes me think WWE is planning an “Eddie Return.” I know that odds of this are slim, and that this blog will be looked at as a big conspiracy theory. I agree with you and it is wrong to say it. But it would be even more wrong if they did it. What if Eddie’s death was a work? If it is, it is the greatest and, at the same time, the rudest work of all time.

I have asked a number of people in the business what they think about this and they say all about the same thing. “You are crazy,” or “I think that would be too F’ed up,” but after I drop a few little bombs on them that have made me wonder, they have wondered too.

The last time Eddie was on television, Ken Kennedy had hit him in the head with a chair. After the match, there was a promo with Batista. His head was all bandaged up and Batista was concerned. The last words Eddie said were, “Don’t worry about me, I am going to be alright.” This footage might be revisited if this is a big rude angle.

At the Eddie Guerrero Press Conference, Vince McMahon and Chavo Guerrero seemed to me to have too much composure. At the time when I watched it, I figured to myself, “Wow, Chavo is doing such a great job.” He didn’t seem sad and I figured if it were me, I would have been bawling my eyes out. I wondered why at the time and then resolved that it must just be he knew this day would eventually come, or maybe they were not as close as he had always told everyone. I look back now and wonder if this is a work, did Chavo think it wasn’t going to work.

Either there was and still is a lot of bad taste going on, or Eddie is still alive. Vince McMahon is a bastard, but grilling Eddie’s wife Vickie, a day or so after his death on live TV?!? How does someone even approach the option? How can you ask a widow to appear on TV when her husband isn’t even in the ground yet? Does WWE have no respect for dead people and mourning? Or did Vickie just get off the phone with a clean-shaven bald-headed Eddie Guerrero who is camping out in Jamaica?

Well if Eddie is alive and hiding out, how could this secret have lasted for four months? My guess is, if this is a work, the lockerroom could still be partially kayfabed to cut down possible leaks. And moreover, Eddie is probably just camping out, or maybe getting some kind of surgery somewhere and is indeed out of the public eye.

The WWE Raw & Smackdown Tribute shows seemed to contrived. While some of the wrestlers seemed very upset and concerned, others seemed like they needed to play to the camera. Now it is impossible to speculate (if this is a work) who knew and who did not know at the time of these shows. It is possible that only a tight group of people actually know the truth and might not have known the truth at the time of filming. I would suspect some (like Benoit) were informed immediately after the shooting with Eddie calling them. But even at that, Rey Mysterio did not seem moved at all. Mysterio taking off his mask seemed like the cliché “let’s make this look real” thing to do.

The tribute shows had a tinge of ******** to them. The commentators on both shows said, “Eddie would have wanted this,” about a hundred times to validate what seemed like a moneymaker. This could be foreshadowing Vince blaming a return angle on Eddie, to keep the heat off of him in the future.

It is fact that most wrestlers have never been great actors, and the few who are have usually moved on to bigger and better the things. At the tribute shows, there was definitely a vibe of bad acting going on, which to me smells like a work. But were the wrestlers working the fans due to a future storyline, or because they felt obligated to be teary-eyed and were not?

One theory on the bad-acting vibe is maybe the wrestlers thought that they should be crying but were not, so they tried to. Seemed like some of the wrestlers were forcing themselves to cry because they thought that is what they should do in this situation, but the tears just were not turning on …It is possible that forced tears is the product of a desensitization to wrestler deaths –seeing how there have been so many. HOWEVER, forced tears could also be the product of the bad acting that goes along with another storyline.

I am sure that WWE knows how big the next-night ratings were when Pillman passed away and also Owen Hart. But they never had TWO tribute shows, due to a death in the family, nor has any death lasted as long with so much TV time and recognition as this one has.

WWE has referenced Eddie’s death NUMEROUS times every single show. It has continuously reminded the fans by armbands on Chavo (on Raw) and Rey Mysterio (on Smackdown) that Eddie Guerrero is no longer with us. Either this is a super sign of respect for the dead and the WWE has finally got it and learned that life is valuable and we should not forget, or (gulp) …it means something else, something I hate to even think of.

It means we need to remember Eddie’s death, for a big twist ending at Wrestlemania that rivals pop culture’s desire for twist endings (i.e. Fight Club & Saw). It means that WWE knows people think Tupac is still alive and have figured out how to make money off of people’s inabilities to let go of loved ones.

Eddie Guerrero’s book is ironically titled “Cheating Death.”

With a widespread headline death like this one, it seems odd that there isn’t much out there to validate it. has Owen Hart’s tombstone, but there is only a picture of the cemetery that Eddie is supposed to be in. The Smoking Gun has no documents at this time, relating to his death, though documents would not necessarily prove anything anyhow. I also cannot find any evidence that a life insurance check has been cashed.

The funeral was private with only a few dozen or so family and friends. The list of people are all related to the wrestling business. The funeral itself was ministered by SUPERSTAR BILLY GRAHAM - another wrestler.

Foreshadowing was light in the first few months, but now it is seemingly becoming more heavy with Benoit now joining Chavo and Mysterio using signature Eddie moves. If you watch and think about how foreshadowing could be a possibility, you will see why I am writing this right now, be it reluctant or not.

Current WWE programming has incorporated the entire Eddie Guerrero death into a storyline that is involving his wife, his best friends, and his nephew. One reason that makes me subscribe to this conspiracy theory is that these people would NOT want a part of this. Another reason I am in quandary is that I cannot understand how a writer for Smackdown can approach someone and even ask them to say “Eddie is not up there in heaven Rey, he is down there (in hell.)” With Eddie being a religious man, I would gather this would not bode well around those who loved him.

MORE FORESHADOWING… At No Way Out, they spent so much seemingly unnecessary time on Rey Mysterio when the match was over that WWE has to be planning something big. At No Way Out, Rey Mysterio lost his Wrestlemania spot to Randy Orton. He is mortified that he “let Eddie down” and lingers in the ring forever. Then he walks down a line of wrestlers in sorrow.

Rey supposedly dedicated his Royal Rumble match win to Eddie. He has now lost his Wrestlemania spot and this sets up a much-needed climax for a big finish at what WWE considers their biggest event of any year. A typical storyline in literature places a hero in must-win situation to avenge the dead, and all fingers should have been pointing at Rey to win at Wrestlemania. Now, they could still book this, with Teddy Long coming out on the next Smackdown and saying that Orton will have to now take on Rey as well in a three way at Wrestlemania, due to the fact that he held the ropes during the pin. However, another way to book this comes to mind as well.

Imagine Wrestlemania. A Rey Mysterio run-in fails and Randy Orton is beating the crap out of him in front of Vickie Guerrero (who is sitting at ringside collecting an appearance check.) Eddie out of nowhere jumps the fence, knocks out Orton. Rey looks up in disbelief. The audience is stunned. The next night on RAW… “I liiiiiied!”

It just seems likely that if Vince McMahon wanted to pick one wrestler to pull off the biggest work of all time and have him fake his death, he would pick the one whose maxim is “I Lie, I Cheat. I Steal.”

I am a wrestling manager; my ring name is Kenny Casanova. I did not know Eddie very well, but did have an opportunity to work with him on a few occasions. I hung out with him one weekend, driving him around Massachusetts for a couple of shows and he seemed like a great guy. He was constantly on the phone with his family and joking with people. He stopped in the mall to talk to a few fans. He was really down to earth. Before you blast me, keep in mind that this blog has in no way been written to disrespect him, but rather to disrespect the potential ruse that WWE might be planning.

I don’t believe in ghosts. I doubt the government is hiding information about life on other planets from us. I do not subscribe to conspiracy theories. However, this could be one of the BIGGEST ruses in history. If this is a big work, I have mixed emotions about it. I say kudos to Vince for looking at how people have subscribed to such fallacies in pop culture, such as Tupac or Elvis being still alive and figured out a way to capitalize on it. At the same time, I also think it is a work in bad taste and the trust factor would be out the window forever.

I will, however, not be shocked at Wrestlemania if an angle in wrestling were able to once again finally fool such a large population. It is slightly possible, that the Internet did not prevail this time, and the wool has been pulled over the eyes of millions. Even the smartest of all smart marks, could all be classified as gullible marks once again.

So, the question is - Is Eddie Guerrero still alive? After reading this article, what do you think?



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(Actor Ted Raime appeared in Spider-man 1 & 2 as "Hoffman", The Evil Dead Movies, the TV show Seaquest and also in Kenny's favorite television saga - Xena The Warrior Princess - as "Joxer The Mighty")

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