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Superfly Jimmy Snuka

Superfly Jimmy Snuka

On April 18Th 2010, the 5TH Annual New England Pro Wrestling Hall of Fame Induction ceremony held its second annual dinner banquet. The New England PWHOF  honored twenty international wrestling superstars and personalities for their impact on the professional wrestling in and around New England. Kenny Casanova was inducted for the class of 2010.

Two Fan Festivals kicked off the event. On Saturday, a memorabilia and meet-and-greet autograph signing  took place to hype up the fans for the next day.  Vendor guests included Justin Credible, Brian Clarke (Adam Bomb), Rick Martel,  Antonio Thomas, Matt Bourne (Doink The Clown), and Barbie Menegan. Fans were also pleasantly surprised to see Mick Foley do an unannounced drop by run-in. On Sunday, the Fan Fest meet-and-great was extended. Highlights for fans included pictures and signings with “The Living Legend” Larry Zbysco, Danny Davis, Superfly Jimmy Snuka, Ox Baker, Melissa Coates, Lushious Latasha, Kenny Dykstra, and Japanese sensation Shockwave The Robot who was added special to the Sunday line up. There was also plenty of food for everyone, on the house. (Mmm… Delicious premium calzones! The Philly steak and cheese calzone was scrumptious!)

Come time for the actual Induction Ceremony itself, the seats were practically sold out with standing room only, with about 200 plus guests. The Class of 2010 New England Pro Wrestling Inductees included:

Superfly Jimmy Snuka (Inducted by Rich Palladino)
Larry Zbyszko (Inducted by Mike Messier)
Dangerous Danny Davis (Inducted by Mike Sparta)
Public Enemy (Inducted by Joel Davis)
Kenny Casanova (Inducted by Referee Todd Taylor)
‘Pete Doherty (Inducted by Peter Riendeau)
Tony Ulysses (Inducted by Paul Richard)
Angelo, Mario and Tom Savoldi (Inducted by Brian Webster)
John Rambo (Inducted by Chuckie Manson & Cory Bush)
DC Drake (Inducted by ???)
Paul Richard (Inducted by Sheldon Goldberg)
DR. Heresy (Inducted by Billy King & Don Juan DeSanto)
Maverick Wild (Inducted by Ripp Morrison)
Mr. Biggs (Inducted by Dan Bidondi)
Sonny Goodspeed (Inducted by DJ Baron & Johnny Vegas)
Billy Black (Inducted by Kyle Storm)
Bull Montana (Inducted by Jason Rumble)

* John Cena Sr. received The 2010 Manager of The Year Award.
* Robbie Ellis received The 2010 Life Time achievement award
* Tim White received The 2010 “New England Icon” Award

Kenny Casanova was inducted by referee and long time friend, Hotbod Todd Taylor. Taylor roasted Kenny for being a big mark for the business. He cited several ridiculous quick antidotes including Kenny being kicked out of several WWF locker rooms for his shenanigans by Tony Garea and fellow inductee Referee Tim White, as well as scrambling to pick up “Golddust” Mylar chips from an arena floor.

Kenny walked up to what was a rather tame induction to a chant of, “SING! SING! SING!” and decided to turn it up a notch. “The Love Boat” television theme kicked in and Kenny gave the audience what they wanted. He lap danced and serenaded Jimmy “Superfly” Snuka and Lobsterman, then moved towards Larry Zbysco, who sold it hard and ran out the door! Kenny thanked the late Captain Lou Albano for giving him his first opportunity in the business and also thanked Superfly Snuka for singing inappropriate blues songs with him in several locker rooms before shows.

Kenny also mentioned how as a baby, he had won a beauty contest where the Pennsylvanian town had dubbed him, “The Duke of Carlisle.”  Kenny recalled asking his mother at his first live wrestling event if Pete Doherty, who was also known as “The Duke of Dorchester,” perhaps had won a beauty contest, but then confided that, “after seeing Pete Doherty here today, …I now know the answer.”

Kenny Casanova finally thanked Mike Sparta for booking him on many occasions in New England with WWA wrestling, he thanked Maria and Buttery Bert, then thanked the New England Pro Wrestling Hall of Fame and Joe Bruen for the honor.

Recognizing all of New England and the entire east coast, Hall of Fame Commissioner Joe Bruen created the venue because he wanted to recognize North East professional wrestling talent in a public forum for the impact they have had in the area, over the years. “There hasn’t ever been proper recognition for local wrestlers and might have never been,” said Bruen, who himself  is a former ring announcer, as well as manager, booker, and promoter.