Film Appearance

Dead Residence, a 2007 film nomination in The Ed Wood Film Festival, stars Kenny Casanova as Commander Bradshaw. It opened at The Madison Theater in Albany, NY on Sunday April 15, 2007.

IThis independent zombie flick by Twisted Light Productions was the second half of an indy Creature Double Feature along with Vampire Assassin, by Archangel Productions.

Directed by Jared Balog, Kenny Casanova plays a character that is a far stretch from what he is normally associated with. Playing the leader of a special forces unit, Kenny Casanova heads out to explore a residential area just outside of Albany, NY to rid the world of the largest form of rodents in the supernatural world… Zombies.

Kenny as a “Special Op Zombie Killer” is loud, brash, demanding and very different than the karaoke mic-yielding “Prince Of Passion” that we have grown accustomed to. In this setting, Kenny Casanova trades in his red velvet tuxedo for a flack jacket and a machine gun. He sets out with three soldiers; two grizzled veterans and a rookie, to explore houses, kill zombies and take any extra riches as “a finder’s fee” to make the trip worth while.

Kenny’s character, Commander Bradshaw, has definitely seen “some things that will make your worse nightmare look like a fairytale.” You can too.

Dead Residence, starring Kenny Casanova with a surprising cameo performance by Camp Casanova Member, Buttery Bert Williams, will be out soon on DVD. Stay tuned to this site for ordering information.